For 5 days only... Cleaning a $25.00 blanket will only cost you $21.00. That's a savings of 20%. Get rid of your heavies and medium blankets and save some money but hurry don't miss out.
3-9-21 thru 3-14-21 (Tue.-Sun.)

***Got Dirt? We Got Clean! And More!!!***


Numbers Up Horse Show Magnets (
These magnets are amazing!  I will never use anything else!  I never did like using bailing twine at the shows.

Smartpak Apps. (
This site is Smartpaks apps for android and iPhone.

Best CLEARANCES on turnouts and other items – watch these sites often!

Blanket Wash (
Atsko’s “Sport Wash”, an alternative to Rambo Wash and just as good if not better.  Use 1/3 the recommended amount and rinse, rinse, rinse.

Horse Blankets 101 The ultimate guide for Blanketing and Clipping (by SmartPak)

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