Greetings Everyone.

We are so ready for you!  Many new things to tell you, especially if you aren’t on facebook.  I didn’t send out an annual spring letter last year because of administrative details that prevented me from doing so.


  • You will hear my new name is Bryant. Yes, I have remarried since the passing of my former husband.  My husband’s name is Ace, and he’s transformed many things around here.  All of the new modifications, and efficiencies have been designed, engineered, and performed by my husband.
  • I must stress that the rapid retrieval of orders will be essential to me being able to bring in new orders for processing due to the high volume. I am going to ask that clients be able to retrieve order in 1 to 3 days.  This is still the most important aspect of order turn around time.
  • The shop has been remodeled and given a face lift in many ways from layout, to airflow, and electrical aspects. The lights will automatically turn on for you, and if you do not turn them off, they will turn off by themselves.  There are also several website changes.
  • Barn orders of 20 or more turnouts, please try to give me notice of your drop off. Larger barns are not stored in the same area as smaller orders under 20 turnouts.  There are also barn manager incentives and specials offered. Email or text is the best.
  • Prices are remaining the same for 2017. Turnaround goal, once at capacity is going to be 1-1/2 to 2 months.  That was 2015 turnaround.  Some may be overnight or same week.  And if you have challenging repairs, I may be calling you to discuss.
  • You will notice signs helping to navigate you around for drop off and pickup.
  • There is a new drop off area in an overhang attached to the end of the shop and will hold incoming orders, assessed one or two times a day. I will be able to log in orders this way.
  • You will notice the older overhang has been remodeled and closed in. Clients will have access only to retrieve their orders from the overflow area, if I can’t fit the orders being picked up, in the main shop.  There will be a sign on interior wall for pickup area.  Closing in the old overhang will prevent clients from tossing orders in that area and accidently getting orders split up.
  • Please use the PDF fill-in tag on the site, or tag on the clip board in the shop. Do not write your name and phone on a piece of paper.  And please do not put post-its on your bag…they fall off.
  • Please do not put drop off tags in the bottom of your bag or roll the tag up in the blanket.
  • Use a pen that will not fade if the humidity is really high, or if moisture from the blanket gets on the tag. Do not tape the tag to the bag.
  • I prefer for it to be stapled to the bag, or a piece of tape can hold it on the bag.  But do not bind it to the bag on all sides.
  • Please avoid using writing instruments that humidity and moisture affect it.
  • And do not write your name and what ever, on duct tape, then close he bag around the neck with the same piece of tape.

A new drive way has been put in, feel free to drive to the bottom of the drive way.  It was done for you.  Remember you have the rug buggy (little red wagon) for you to tote your bags to your vehicles.

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